Winter Survival Guide

Author: Ali

It's no secret that in the East Coast, the winter season is accompanied by snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. But how is one supposed to manage looking chic and stylish in such unfavorable conditions?

Layers, layers, layers! It’s no secret that layering helps you stay warm. When looking at advertising content for major retailers like Madewell and J.Crew, you’ll notice layering is a huge rule of thumb. Personally, I like wearing jeans or leggings with warm socks and sleek booties when going out on a cold night. Wearing a fitted tank under a billowy top and a nice coat or leather jacket is a go-to for me. Layer thin clothes, and if it’s a particularly chilly night, then wear a pair of tights under your leggings or jeans (something that won’t make you look bulky, but will keep you warm).

Hats: The wide-brimmed hat has been an obsession of mine since this past summer. I’m a big fan because it is casual, yet chic at the same time. Almost everyone can pull off the wide-brim, and since a lot of these hats are made of wool, they really do help keep you warm on a cold winter’s day.

A Winter Coat: For a sophisticated, yet unexpected ensemble boost, invest in a cape. I suggest pairing with booties, skinny jeans, and that wide-brimmed hat. Another winter wardrobe essential is the peacoat, which will never go out of style. The classic coat is so versatile in its shape and purpose that it only makes sense to invest in a good one. I’ve drooled over Burberry’s coats for years. If you want a great quality, durable and fashionable coat that will last you a lifetime – then I’d check them out. However, if you’re like me and your wallet is screaming at you to feed it, then look to places like Nordstrom, Macy’s or J.Crew for a stylish, affordable winter coat.

Booties: First and foremost, find a comfortable pair of booties that have traction. Believe me, the traction is an essential part of any winter boot. I find myself buying thick socks or layering my socks just to keep my feet warm. As much as I love my snow boots, there’s a time and a place that justify their existence, and that is outside in the snow and not when you’re going for a night on the town. When in doubt, just hail a cab or Uber.

Create a fashionable, yet cozy outfit by mixing and matching these essentials, and the harsh winter elements will never get the best of you again.