NYFW 2015

Author: Ali

As this is my first winter living as a resident of NYC, it had never occurred to me until recently how miserably cold it gets every year during New York Fashion Week in February. That realization made me wonder how the ladies and gentlemen who attend fashion week can endure frigid temperatures while looking fabulous and unaffected at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely do my fair share of winter prepping before leaving my apartment every day (e.g. gloves, scarf, coat, thick socks, etc.), but I wanted to ask some of the best-dressed patrons of NYFW what their secret to staying warm was. In pursuit of answers, I bundled up and ventured out into 10 degree weather.

Unfortunately, it was so unreasonably cold outside that hardly anyone would stand around for a few extra minutes to talk. I don't blame them, hell if I had a ticket I'd bypass everyone on the carpet. Luckily, I was quickly able to master the task of multitasking, so I got a few questions in while snapping a few pictures. What did everyone tell me was they key to staying warm? Layering. Some people might opt for microwavable hand-warmers, but these fashionistas stuck to the rule of layering and did so flawlessly.

Take note from a few of the looks I came across and loved.