Transitional Pieces for Spring 2015

Author: Ali

I know for those of us on the East Coast, it may not look or feel like spring has sprung, but it's fast approaching. When the elusive season finally arrives, I plan on being ready to burst outside while looking fabulous.

Here are some of my planned go-to pieces for this spring:

Light oversized coat: The good thing about a lightweight, oversized coat is that it's the perfect in-between jacket for when the weather isn't quite cold enough to wear a heavy winter coat or warm enough to wear a jean jacket. I'm the girl in the pink coat. It doesn't confine me when I need to layer, and it isn't too thin or thick to where I'm either sweating up a storm or shivering from the cold.

Mini/Midi skirt: We saw the mini and midi skirts appear on the fashion scene in the past, but within the last year or two it has continued to make its presence known. Paired with tights and booties, I love wearing my mini with a jean jacket and a floppy or wide-brim hat. I add a lightweight scarf to complete my look. I'm also a fan of the miniskirt and sneakers look that I've spotted on the street lately. As for the midi, it really depends on the type. Personally, I have my eye on a pleated midi that I can see myself pairing with a light sweater or a fitted top and vest.

Neutral shades of pink and orange: Sunset colors will be popping up in unexpected places this spring season. Whether in the form of a shirt, dress, scarf or what have you. If you're not fond of bold colors, this is a safe area for you. However, if you're not ready to jump into the color pool just yet, I'd recommend playing around with shades of gray and blue.

Ripped/distressed denim: Continuing the trend from last season, I'll be whipping out my boyfriend jeans, overcoat and scarf for a casual spring look. You can never go wrong with denim!