10 Questions: East Coast Living

Author: Ali

Why do you like living on the East Coast?
It's real. The people here tell you like it is and they're genuine. Also, the variety of people, places and cultures is fascinating.

What is your least favorite thing about living on the East Coast?
That a lot of my closest friends don't live here.

What is a personality trait you've noticed a lot of New Yorkers have?
Self-reliant. New Yorkers don't expect anyone to do things for them - if they want something, they go and get it themselves.

How do you think the East Coast differs from other regions in the United States?
It's got a pace of its own that is generally in turbo drive. Unless you live in the southeast.

Is there any great food currently trending in New York?
There is always great food trending in New York! Halal, Thai, artichoke pizza, you name it and we've got it.

How would you describe New York style?
In general, it's very eclectic. There are the 9 to 5 polished fashionistas with their CĂ©line bags and coiffed hair. The risk-takers with their fashion-forward furs and sunglasses perched atop their high-pony tails. Lastly, there are the casual-chic mavens with their ripped boyfriend jeans, high heels and blazers.

In your opinion, what is the coolest neighborhood in NYC? Why?
I really like West Village because there is always something to do, great bars, restaurants, music, etc. It has a lot going on and so many people I know live down there so it's always a good time.

Favorite East Coast getaway?
Delray Beach, FL.

Favorite television show or movie set in New York (past or present)?
Sex & the City

What's a fashion item that many New Yorkers seem to have?
Bucket bags are huge right now.