Ali's Worst Fashion Faux Pas

Author: Ali

It's no secret that just about every single one of us out there has committed a major fashion faux pas. Sure, at the time of the unadulterated act, you had no idea that you were committing one of the biggest fashion flops in the history of your existence. However, the reality of the mistake comes into full focus the second you open that drawer full of childhood photos your mother gratefully kept hidden in your basement - or at least this was the case for me. Yet, nothing compared to the t-shirts and one-of-a-kind ensembles my parents would bring back from their trips abroad.

In particular, I remember the time my mother returned from Mexico with a handmade poncho. Mind you, this wasn't one of those cute ponchos that have emerged within the fashion world in the last year. This was something that you would find a member of a mariachi band wearing with his sombrero and trumpet in hand. It was colorful, very detailed, and the best part was that no one else had it! I specifically paired it with matching leggings and a hair tie (or better yet - a scrunchie). The poncho was patterned, and striped with red, orange, yellow, green, black, and a hint of white. It resembled a colorful rug, and it felt like one too - heavy and rough.

Admittedly, this mistake was both my mother's and my own. I specifically remember telling her how much I loved the item, even though it was uncomfortable to wear. I will admit that I was a bit self-conscious when I wore it to school for the first time. Since the vibrant poncho wasn't something kids normally wore, I wasn't sure how well it would be received among my peers. Although when I was asked by my classmates why I was wearing the piece, I would proudly state that my mother got it for me in Mexico, which appeared to be a good enough excuse for them. I still got strange looks from kids who thought what I was wearing was weird, but I didn't care at that point. I realized I was the only one to have a poncho like it, and I loved the idea that I had something special, unique and all my own.