Designer Influence

Author: Ali

Designers are known for many things, including handbags, couture gowns, shoes, jewelry and so on. However, many of these well-known designers do more than just provide us with clothing and accessories to drool over every season. They also use their powers for good.

As one does, I go through phases where I become obsessed with a particular brand for a period of time. At one point or another, I’ve jumped from Michael Kors to Kate Spade to Ivanka Trump, always constantly impressed by their goods. What many are unaware of are the altruistic leanings these designers have – for instance, Kate Spade’s “On Purpose” collection, Michael Kors’ “Watch Hunger Stop” campaign, or Ivanka Trump’s “#WomenWhoWork” movement. What do all of these designers have in common? Compassion.

Kate Spade’s “On Purpose” collection is noteworthy for several reasons. For one, the line is centered around trade instead of donations. Around 150 women from the town of Masoro used their artisanal skills to construct handmade bracelets, clutches, and scarves. The best part is that just one beaded handbag can help supply some of the 20,000 people living in Masoro with some of the resources they might have otherwise not received. Each of these accessories are not only helpful to the community, but they are simply lovely pieces – so intricate and each one is truly unique.

When Michael Kors launched his “Watch Hunger Stop” campaign, he teamed up with Halle Berry to spread the word that world hunger is still an issue and shouldn’t be forgotten. Thus began the #SelflessSelfie trend that became a thing in the fall of 2014. If a customer purchased one of the “Stop World Hunger” shirts at select Michael Kors retail stores, then took a selfie with the hashtag #SelflessSelfie, Michael Kors would then personally donate 100 meals. Today, you can still help donate to his cause by texting MKHUNGER to 50555 to donate as little as $5. Currently, Michael Kors also has a “Kors Cares” section on his website, which presents all of the recent volunteer work the company does as a whole.

Ivanka Trump is building her very own fashion empire with her eponymous line, Ivanka Trump. She seems to have a clear vision as to what it is she wants to do next. Mrs. Trump is a entrepreneur who is constantly doing good by inspiring others through both words and demonstration. Ivanka Trump is an amazing role model for young women who want to strive to be something greater. Her #WomenWhoWork campaign celebrates real women in the workplace who work hard and still make time for themselves outside of work. Women today take initiative to find a job they love and one that motivates them. In regards to charity work, Ivanka Trump is involved with charities, as is the rest of her family.