New York Has Everything...

Author: Ali

New York City literally has everything. From wondrous shops and scenery, to clubs and rooftop bars. I could write a book on why this city is the greatest and has everything you could ever want and need, but I don't have time for that. With that being said, I decided to put together a short list of things New York has readily accessible to both its inhabitants and its visitors 24/7.

1) We have an endless array of restaurants for every food lover. Before moving to New York, I would’ve never considered myself a foodie. However, with authentic food in every neighborhood it’s inevitable. Whether you’re looking for a swanky French restaurant, quaint coffee shop, or just a trendy bar with good food – we’ve got it.

2) A dose of educational venues. Obviously this city has a vast assortment of edifying museums to choose from. Some of my favorites include MoMAthe Met, the Whitney. I've heard the GuggenheimIntrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, and the American Museum of Natural History are worth seeing as well.

3) The music scene is constantly rocking. We have tons of music venues and depending on which one you choose, two different artists will appear at the same venue, on the same night, within an hour of one another. Performances can be heard from people like Ed Sheeran, Idina Menzel and Steve Aoki. Madison Square Garden is another option for those who wish to attend larger music venues for big names like Billy Joel and Madonna.

4) Transportation nation. So what if the trains can be a bit unpredictable at times and cabs can be costly - you still have the bas and two legs. When you have a day of perfect weather, walking to your desired location or renting a Citi Bike is a possibility. Yet, when the weather doesn't permit for biking or walking, you still have three other modes of transportation to rely on.

5) Park place. Whenever I’ve had friends come in from out of town, it always seems to surprise them that Manhattan has a lot of “green.” Central Park is huge (843 acres to be exact), and it’s just one of the 1,700 parks this city hosts. My favorites include the High LineMadison Square Park, as well as Central Park. Without fail, you'll find that green space that you're looking for. It is also extremely likely that there will be delicious food somewhere in the park, playgrounds for the kids, and a lovely spot to settle down for an afternoon picnic.