How to: Spring Cleaning

Author: Ali

If you're anything like me, you have a copious amount of shoes, sweaters, jackets, handbags and other accessories that flood your closet. Of course, none of this usually matters to you until the nice weather hits and you find yourself rummaging through an overwhelming about of said clothes and accessories just to find a pair of sandals. It doesn't help that I live out of three closets and each of them are equally disorganized.  Obviously, it was time for me to begin spring cleaning. As mundane as this task can be, the outcome is extremely rewarding.

Since I know I'm not alone in my feelings towards spring cleaning, I've created a how-to guide on how to effectively clean out your closet. I must warn you, it really is the least exciting thing you can do - but I found things in my closet that, after moving four times in the last year, I couldn't believe I still had! 

Step 1: Take everything in. Be aware of the fact that you cannot rush through this or else it will end up much like the image below in a few short weeks. It's best to plan out how you want to tackle the mess before doing so. I knew I would need to invest in a few more containers from the Container Store for shoes, and locating all of my cloth bags for my handbags was a must.


Step 2: Start by removing everything from your closet and then, if necessary, clean the floors of your closet as well. The last thing you want to do is put your shoes and other clothing items back in a closet that is littered with dust and God knows what else.


Step 3: After clearing out your closet, start small and work from top to bottom or side to side (depending on your closet setup). I started from the top with shoes and hats. Investing in a couple of shoe boxes from the Container Store is also a good idea. Since I do have a lot, and I mean a lot of shoes, I'd recommend purchasing a hanging shoe rack as well. Hat boxes might seem unnecessary, but I would suggest that you spend a few bucks on one or two if you have a closet like me, or wish to store them under the bed.

Step 4: Once you've started refilling your closet, make sure that you do it in an order that makes it easy for you to find the items you use the most. For instance, I knew my sweaters wouldn't be worn anytime in the near future, so I placed them in the back, or far side of my closet. From there, I worked my way from long sleeves, to quarter length, and then to short sleeves and tanks. I also organized my shirts in order of texture and style.

Step 5: The last and most important step, is to just be patient. I'm probably one of the most impatient people you will ever meet - but if I can do it, then you most certainly can do it. This step is the most important, because I've attempted cleaning all three of these closets before, and I end up just throwing the clothes that were hanging back on the rack and it never goes anywhere. Also, my experience working in retail has me finger spacing the hell out of my closets.