The Land of the Free

Author: Ali

Every 4th of July, I've done something different. But no matter where I am, there is always a BBQ, fresh fruit salad, and a pool. Last year, I spent my 4th of July in Delray Beach with my parents. The fireworks were great, the energy was electric, and it was one of the highlights of my summer.

This year, however, while my friends and family were sitting poolside or at the beach sipping margaritas in the Hampton's, I was stuck in the city working. That's ok though! I had an entertaining - although random - afternoon that consisted of french fries, kale salads, and watching fireworks on the East River with a friend.

Once the show began, the fireworks left everyone exclaiming "ohh" and "ahh." The show was impressive, but the amount of people in red, white and blue, waving their American flags was actually one of the highlights for me - not to mention refreshing.

After a year of increased racial tensions, terrorism threats, scandals, and every other thing that seeks to divide and destroy a country, it was nice to see everyone united as a whole - standing proudly, waving their flags. People of all colors, races and ages, stood together to celebrate what a great nation we are.

The following day, we watched the U.S. claim their title as "World Cup Champions," for the first time since 1999. I jumped, I screamed, I cheered and finally, I cried. There is something about seeing women not only work together as a team, but working together as a team to represent a country that has been seen as a joke in the soccer realm. With that being said, I think our patriotism will continue throughout the week.

All in all, I'd say this weekend turned out just fine for us Americans. Now, if only the job sector could improve...